Cancer is considered to be one of the most fatal diseases. It is often assumed that most of the cancers do not have any cure, which is not so true.
There are a lot of stories of people who’ve battled cancer and these people are strong in many aspects.

However, other than the disease itself, other thing that makes people and their families suffer is its financial aspect i.e treatment and hospital bills. The cost of chemotherapy and medicines is generally high and do create monetary problems for people.
Same is the case with Arnav.

Arnav is a little kid suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which is the cancer of white blood cells. People suffering from ALL, white blood cells are overproduced in the bone marrow and continuously multiply, causing damage and death by inhibiting the production of normal cells. The chemotherapy for the disease consists of three levels.  This type is common among the children of age 2-5. In addition to this, ALL has no specific symptoms.
Arnav’s cancer started with a bump at the back of his head. Now, he has already gone through 1.5 months of treatment and has almost 5 more months to go. But now, his family has hit the roadblock of monetary problem as is common, the family’s saving has already dried up.  Therefore, the family decided to crowdfund for the expense of Arnav’s treatment.

Arnav’s Campaign on BitGiving was set up to keep his treatment going. A lot of people have come forward to help this little kid in his battle. And fortunately, their support have helped Arnav’s parent a lot.

In these difficult times, every little support means a lot to Arnav and his family. The support will increase Arnav’s chance to fight the disease successfully and will help him win over his disease.

Your support and contribution can help Arnav fight his battle better and have a normal childhood. Contribute to his campaign by clicking here.

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