CV: Accepted. Interview: Nailed. I was now ready to intern at BitGiving. My journey at India’s top Crowdfunding Platform started a month back and I have grown bit by bit in this space. It has been a brilliant journey so far and has inspired me to a whole new level.

A young startup foundation with young minds, captivating personalities, fresh thinking and unique ideas, BitGiving offers, individuals, and organizations to come together and raise funds. After getting to know about it from a friend and following their facebook page I was absolutely mesmerized by the campaigns and the success stories they shared.

Initially, I was very apprehensive but my co-workers made me feel comfortable and in less than a weeks time I was absolutely used to the morning cab and the office vibe, which was completely different from the typical corporate offices, I had anticipated it to be. The best part about BitGiving was, we all were equal. Working in such a startup did not make me feel like another face in the crowd. I was respected and so were my views. It was always fun to attend meetings with my seniors and throw in my views and ideas, which were always respected. This helped me enhance my work ethic.

One of the biggest reasons that attracted me to work here was my very own nature of being sensitive towards the environment and the people around me. I have always felt very strongly for the environment, society, and humanity.  I was always intrigued and drawn to learn about how a crowdfunding platform like BitGiving would function. Interning here answered all my questions.

I was put to campaigning initially, which was the best way for me to showcase my skills. Talking to the campaigner made me understand the importance of my role and this platform. For them, we were their ‘superhero’ and nothing could have made me happier than that moment when I worked on the campaign and helped them achieve their dreams. The satisfaction I got by helping someone cannot be expressed in mere words.

I strongly believe, working at BitGiving made me understand the true essence of team spirit. It made me aware of how everyone is fighting their own battle and how we zealous youngsters can help others using the power of social media and crowdfunding to bring a difference in someone else’s life.

Crowdfunding is not a tedious task. A platform like BitGiving provides you with all the means and assists  you at every step to have greater outreach and run a successful campaign. All that is required is a will to put in efforts!

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