Campaign Coordinator

campaign co ordinator

Job Description

We are looking for a self-motivated campaign coordinator with great communication skills, someone who is open to learning new skills (both technical and crowdfunding specific) and is willing to work with NGOs, corporates, start ups and artists to help build their campaign strategy and to also execute strategies in some cases.

The campaign coordinator’s responsibilities would include:

  1. Coordinating with the organizations or individuals who are raising funds and giving feedback and inputs on their strategy and execution.
  2. Developing and executing campaign strategies for high priority campaigns.
  3. Monitoring the events and recognizing campaign on-boarding opportunities.
  4. Managing the platform’s Social Media and email communication.
  5. Tracking analytics on different campaigns and building subsequent strategies accordingly.

The Ideal candidate should have:

  1. Strong written and oral skills.
  2. Ability to research on campaigns and work under tight deadlines.
  3. Understanding and experience in campaigning through internet mobilization, email marketing, engagement driven activities and public advertisement.
  4. An aptitude to work with a technology driven set up with a deep understanding of contributor/campaigner analytics.

To apply drop a mail at

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