So your campaign just ended and regardless of whether it was successful or not, there’s always a little more you should do to make sure the campaign ends on a good note. Here’s a short list of Must-dos once your campaign is over:

Thank your community:
Make a video or write a blog about your experience, what you’ve got planned and how you’re going about this whole thing. Address those who contributed to this campaign and tell them how excited you are about being able to work on your project or initiative.

Send out updates:
Your crowdfunding campaign built you a community of supporters and believers. Make sure that you keep them updated on the impact that their contributions made. It can be a little girl who benefitted from the affordable hearing aid you were building or the breaking of groundwork for the school you were raising money for. Keep them involved.

Send out rewards:
Rewards are a very integral part of your crowdfunding campaign. Rewards make people feel special and a part of your thing. They consider it a monument to their support. We recommend that you dispatch the rewards as soon as the campaign is over.

Re-engage and nurture the community you have built:
If you’ve done all of the above, doesn’t mean that the community ceases to exist. These are people who have seen you pull through the impossible to make your dream come true – and they were a part of it. That is  powerful. You should leverage that by staying in touch with your communities, keeping them up to date on things you are doing next. If you decide to crowdfund again, you can count on these guys being the first ones to contribute to it.

So best of luck for your crowdfunding journey! Do share your comments below and you know where to go to start your campaign 🙂

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