Congratulations! You’ve written a kick ass narrative. You’ve put pictures and a fun video. And your campaign is up. Now you can rest in peace. Right? Well, not quite. Fundraising is not just about putting your campaign up on a website. It’s a little more than that.

In this article, we’ll talk about crowdfunding campaigning and what you have to do to make it to the target goal.

Emails to personal networks:
Let’s face it! Where else should you start but your personal network. They’re friends, friends of friends, family, colleagues, people who you met once at a party who thought your idea was pretty cool and that English teacher in school who always believed in you. Don’t be shy about asking for money – You’re doing it for something concrete.
Draft personal emails to them telling them about your project. Tell them why this project matters to you. And send them a duplicate mail that they can send to their friends. This increases your outreach and the personal touch makes you more human.

Updates and Regular Engagement:
Nobody cares about an abandoned campaign. Your campaign is your baby. You gotta cradle it. You gotta keep people in the loop like those annoying people who feel obligated to put all of their baby’s pictures on facebook. At least yours will be interesting.

Let people know about everything that’s happening. Just crossed a milestone? Send them an email. Organizing a potluck? Sweet. Email. Is that a new kitten? You know what to do. Regular updates and constant re-engagement are the way to show people you’re serious about this and makes the campaigning process fun! This is where you get creative – Use Social Media to your advantage, most of the contributions are referred from social media.

Physical Engagement and Events:
Can you rap? or sing? or have an awesome apartment? Or are doing good work? The idea is to find ways to use whatever talents or opportunities you have to use them to reach out to people. Throw a fancy theme party, organize a small concert, hold an art exhibition with amateur paintings drawn by a friend, or take people on a heritage walk down the dusty lanes of the village you’re trying to bring electricity to. The sky is the limit.

Partners & Influencers:
Find out the communities that are benefitting as an unintended consequence of your venture. Those communities and businesses would then have a vested interest in your venture succeeding. In that case, reaching out to them and explaining your situation might be a good idea. Ask them to be partners for the campaign, get them to start a support event or actually, just get your role-model on twitter to talk about it. Challenge yourself!

Pitch your story to the Press!
Get the shutterbugs to cover you. You’re doing something disruptive to make your passion project possible – the press loves that. Be ready to pitch your campaign story or the campaign milestones. Oh, and catch your friends who are journalists and get them to do a fun coverage on you.

The thing about crowdfunding is that while it looks complicated, it’s not. But it does require work. With a dedicated and focussed campaign that targets the right audience and taps into your personal network, we believe that you can raise the funds you need for your dream project.

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