If you’re a Dilliwallah or an animal-lover, it would be a crime not knowing what Friendicoes is.

Being the largest and the oldest animal shelter in Delhi, Friendicoes is home to over 500 dogs, cats, horses and elephants. You see a stray dog in pain, you call Friendicoes. Your pet needs help at an odd hour, you call Friendicoes. That is the legacy this much-loved shelter has.

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A year back, they were on the verge of shutting down. A 30-year old shelter would no longer exist. Their dues had piled up, and they were in a financial crisis. All it took was one Facebook post, and a crowdfunding campaign to save them. The Friendicoes community is spread far and wide – be it school kids knowing about them, or someone adopting pets from them, the love and support came pouring in.

With this campaign, India saw its first ever live crowdfunding event. Organisaed at Zorba by Delhi Polite, Indian Ocean along with a few other Indie bands were performing at this concert for some very special guests. The guests of honor at this concert were of course, our furry friends. People attending the concert were allowed to bring their dogs along to enjoy some music, food and the splash pools.


FriendicoesThe target was set at raising 3 lakhs that evening, but little did we know that it would have been easily achieved. With many dogs escaping from their leashes and people chasing after them, this concert was a huge success. A total of Rs. 4.4 lakhs were raised – all thanks to the wonderful people who attended this concert (some contributors being as young as 8 years old).

Friendicoes is here to stay, and it’s loving community will always make sure of that. A big shout out to all those who made it possible from saving Friendicoes from shutting down.

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