It is a safe bet that Ice Hockey in India is not the subject of many dinner table conversations. Outside of a few regions in the North anyway. When the Ice Hockey team of India could not secure funding from the government, they realized that they loved this sport too much to give up. So they decided to try to crowdfund their shortfall by starting a campaign on BitGiving.

The Ice Hockey campaign team started tweeting about it from their personal account. The story was a compelling one. That an Indian team has to as many newspapers put it “beg” for money, was unacceptable. That image was a disconcerting one. And it found resonance in many people.

On the first day, the hashtag #SupportIceHockey grew and started accommodating more and more conversations about this. The support and the outrage started pouring in.

On the second day, the tirade on social media continued as did the outrage. Slowly the major media channels picked them up including Hindustan Times, The Wall Street Journal, Times Of India and

Then something happened, Mr. Anand Mahindra voiced his support for the campaign. After that, several influential figures including Mr. Alok Nath, Micromax and others voiced support for this campaign. FM 93.5 also covered this campaign. And resulted in many contributions.

Amidst a large volume of social media support, patriotic fervor drove the campaign into completion and raised Rs. 1.5 Lac above what was required. This was a campaign that mobilized community and crowds and caused people to come together in support of a common goal. Isn’t that what sports is all about?

Ice Hockey Infographic

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