The health problems in Indian rural villages are quite prominent. A lot of little children suffer from various problems and so does their mothers. To top that, the diagnosis of the problem isn’t any better either. These villages do not have proper medical records of the children and their mothers. As a result, the villages are lagging behind in improving the health conditions of the region.

With these points in mind, KHUSHI BABY decided to come up with a solution and an amazing one at that. The organization, Khushi Baby, came up with the idea of making necklace with medical history of the mother and the child. The necklace will act as a mother and child tracker. It will have all the previous medical history of the patient and child immunization records.
This necklace is connected to a health record app. The health workers can use the app by scanning the necklace and can act according to the patient’s previous records.

Khushi Baby began their amazing project by starting a campaign with Kickstarter and was able to raise $31,500. The campaign was called, Khushi Baby: Health & Wearable Tech for Social Impact. With all the outpouring support, they were able to take the project forward and make it a success.
The project has also won Yale’s 2014 Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health and John Hopkins Future Health System’s Young Research Grant.

This is one of its kind initiative and a great hope for the lagging villages. This will surely improve the situation in these villages and will make better the health conditions too. By supporting the Khushi Baby campaign, you can give a better life to many children from various villages.

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