How does it feel when you had a long tiring day at work and come back home to no food? Isn’t it a terrible feeling? This story is about those kids who go to sleep hungry.

Saurabh Saxena from Jaipur took upon the task to create awareness about the importance of education, hygiene and cleanliness of environment along with providing them with basic first aid amenities. He had a vision of not only making clean drinking water accessible to but also providing nutritious food to those in need.

Little did Saurabh know the magic of crowdfunding. 11 contributors came to support this campaign and overfunded it on his one call.

So, if you’ve got an idea, it’s time you take a leap of faith and turn it into a successful crowdfunding campaign.

I hope you got all the positive reinforcement you need to start a campaign. Write to us at or tweet to us on Twitter @BitGiving if you have any questions!

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