A month back, in a drive to get some “Corporate  Exposure”, I sent a mail to BitGiving expressing my intent to work with them and to get some insights into the world of fundraising. Little did I know, what exactly crowdfunding and fundraising meant. Like any normal person I too used to crib, that how our society isn’t developing, how the world around us needs a change, but didn’t take any action to facilitate the change.

2 days later I had my first day at BitGiving, where I realized, that the startup world is much better and different than I thought. Bubbling with vigor and enthusiasm everyone was motivated “to make amazing things happen”,  and the best part was it wasn’t a restricting corporate atmosphere but a milieu of creativity and ideas.

From the first day, I started interacting with campaigners, under the able guidance of my mentors. These small talks made me realize, that it is our responsibility as a society to work towards the causes we care for.

I also understood the power of “people”, how all of us together can achieve the unimaginable. Being a college student, I’ve always had millions of brilliant ideas to walk heaven on earth, but just like any other graduate my ideas too succumbed to my restraints of funds as no investor would pay heed to us. But with the tool of crowdfunding, I could activate my networks and turn my dreams into reality.

This 1 month aptly taught me that “Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter”

I hope you got all the positive reinforcement you need to start a campaign. Write to us at support@bitgiving.com or tweet to us on Twitter @BitGiving if you have any questions!
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