Mental Health and well being is what keeps us sane and helps us go about our lives but when someone comes across mental health problem, the normal lives can turn upside down.
This being said, there are plenty of people out there suffering from the mental health problems.

A lot many times, these people do not come out in the open and keep their problem a secret. This may be due to social embarrassment or lack of support. But this makes it an even bigger problem. The person going through this alone can damage oneself even more. With so many types of problems out there, it is necessary to recognize the one your near one is suffering from and give them appropriate aide.

We also come across many little children suffering from mental health problems and not being able to communicate them to elders properly. These children are those who need help and support more than others.
One organization, ASHA, has come up with the initiative of being the much needed support to the children suffering from this problem. Since many children do not understand what is going with them, ASHA foundation helps the children as well as their parents to know more about the problem. They have taken up their stand against Autism and its taboo.
Therefore, they decided to start their campaign at BitGiving to give a new ray of hope to the parents of autistic children and the children themselves and to provide them a better future. The campaign is aimed at raising the funds for the children’s well being and is a medium to make the world more aware about the problem.

We all see so many other people (children and grownups) going through some kind of mental problem but we are too hesitant to reach out to them and help them. However, all they need is our care and support along with the right cure. If provided, they can have a shot at much better future and a much better life.

If you see around yourself, you’ll find so many people silently fighting their battle with Mental Health issues and trying to cope up with them in their own ways. However, most of the times, these ways causes more harm than good.
So, starting this Mental Health Awareness Day on October 10th, reach out to these people who need help. Provide them with much needed care and much needed support. Get educated about the core of the problem and its solution.

You can use the BitGiving platform to support the cause and can start a campaign for them too. You can do your bit and join in to provide them a brighter future in all the possible ways.

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