The GuideBook

So your campaign just ended and regardless of whether it was successful or not, there’s always a little more you should do to make sure the campaign ends on a good note. Here’s a short list of Must-dos once your campaign is over:

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Tips n' Tricks

#1 Crowdfunding provides you with the crowd: It doesn’t. The unfortunate truth is that the crowdfunding party is a BYOC, as in Bring Your Own Crowd. Too many people think that the crowdfunding is the magical gateway to the mystical world with Colosseums full of cheering crowds waiting to throw their gold at you. More often than not you have to bring your own crowds to our Colosseum.

That raises the question, why crowdfund? Why not just ask your friends to give you money? Because crowdfunding works like a web. You weave some and you let others weave some. The first level of web will have to be built by you.

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Hello world

Hello world. This my website!

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