After supporting an 80-year-old grandmother and enduring an abjectly poor background accompanied by umpteen dialysis sessions, friendship gave Parikshit some respite .

Cadaver kidney transplant was the only option to give him a second life. Parikshit was lucky to have gone through the procedure successfully on March 22,2016.

He required expensive medications including immunosuppressants, visits to the doctor and medical tests along with a strict daily regimen to keep his new kidney alive and to keep his body from rejecting the new kidney. However, if he managed these medications and tests, he could lead a fairly normal life.
Due to a fragile health condition, he couldn’t get a job and thus was incapable of covering even part of the costs. This is when his friend, Peeyush Sekhsaria started a crowdfunding campaign to give Parikshit a smooth post operation period.
In less than a month, the campaign got overfunded and the target amount was increased. With immense support from their community and Peeyush’s excellent campaigning skills, the revised target was also achieved.
This campaign is a proof that crowdfunding is not always about raising funds for your own good. Sometimes, your endeavours for others can make amazing things happen. So if you too want to change someone’s life, it’s time to take the leap of faith and turn it into a successful campaign.
I hope you got all the positive reinforcement you need to start a campaign. Write to us at or tweet to us on Twitter @BitGiving if you have any questions!


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