If you’re an ideas person, this is for you. You, the guy in the hoodie, looking at the world and finding opportunities, You, the woman with a dream, trying to build amazing things out of the patriarchy. You, the man with the vision. This is for you.

This February, BitGiving in association with Social Offline and HelloMeets brings you #PitchOkPlease. An ideas conclave dedicated to give your wacky ideas an audience of industry experts.

Here’s why you should sign up for this event!

– You get an audience with really smart people. Like, people who know the square root of 11 (Okay, we have no idea whether they know the square root of 11). But they’re industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs who know a brilliant idea when they see one.

– Hear a variety of accomplished guest speakers speak on their experience with making ideas a reality. Brownie points for every point you can relate to. On second thought, why do you think they call it brownie points?

– Meet other people who look at the world similarly, have similarly brilliant ideas, and people who will ‘get’ you. Ask every budding entrepreneur, that’s rare.

– Have a chance to win a fellowship and a workspace with Social. Yes. You can work at Social. What will that do for your Social life.

– There are redeemable coupons with Rs. 5000. At Social. Enough said?

– Get through an exciting journey that may lead to you pitching your idea to industry specialists directly and launching your ideas. Prepare your adrenaline glands. Because we do not have extra blankets to cover you in case you get panic attacks.

-Explore alternate way to fund your startup, learn about crowdfunding

– Ishita Anand, our CEO is going to be speaking as a guest speaker! You don’t want to miss this!

How do you sign up, you ask?

– Register here between 15th – 22nd February, 2016
– Startups/ projects will be invited for a face-to-face shortlisting on 25th February, 2016.
– Pitch your ideas directly to startup leaders and launch your ideas.

If you breathe ideas, we’re looking for you.


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