There are a few really important components of your crowdfunding campaign:

The Narrative
It is what people see when they open your campaign. Naturally whatever you write about that campaign has to be able to capture people’s attention. Never been much of an attention seeker? Don’t worry. Read on.

  • Getting Your Narrative ready. Here’s what your narrative should not be.
    • Boring
    • Overly Long
    • Purposeless or ambivalent
    • Grammatically incorrect.
    • Only text
    • morose, depressing or sad
  • Here’s what your narrative should be:
    • Short and to the point
    • Positive and uplifting
    • Engaging
    • Makes an emotional or rational appeal
    • Has pictures, graphics and other visual aid

Positive Narratives Work:
Sad, morose or narratives that seek to cash in on a sense of pity are generally not successful. Successful campaigns sell a dream, not a nightmare. Successful campaigns are uplifting, inspiring, and tell a positive story.

The Video is an important tool of engagement. While the video is not strictly speaking mandatory, having a video on your campaign greatly increases your chance to get funded. Some messages aren’t meant to be read. They are meant to be experienced with audio-visual stimulation.

Amazing Campaign Rewards:
Rewards are tools that you use to incentivize people to donate. They can have an economic or emotional reinforcement. Having attractive rewards encourage people to donate more in order to reach a milestone, we’ve actually seen contributions go up from an average of Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,000 with rewards.

Generally, rewards are derived from an aspect of the campaign itself. People want to know that they’re making a difference. That’s why they contribute. And any opportunity that you have to show them just how significant their contribution is, is a good reward. Great talking points. It takes a donor from 500 to 1000. If its an organization, rewards are not mandatory but recommended.

Have a plan about what you’re going to do with the money raised. Tabulate it. Transparency goes a long way in convincing people to part with their hard earned money to support your product.

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