When we heard about the #SuperSniffers, our entire team was excited with the idea of fundraising for them. The Khanna’s were the first ones we thought of, as their Thumki was quite a social media celebrity.

WWF-India’s Super Sniffer dogs are highly trained dogs who curb wildlife crime by nabbing poachers (how cool is that?).

This campaign is one of it’s kind. Not only do we have individuals fundraising for the Super Sniffers, but we also have their dogs fundraising with us.

#SuperSniffers The Khanna’s – Dinesh, Rachana, Myra and Mahi,  has been an animal loving family. When Myra and Mahi were small, along came ‘Hira’ , a lovely golden Labrador pup who grew into one of the finest and most gentle dog they have ever had. Once, when Hira was 4 yrs old, Mahi and Dinesh had gone to the pet shop to buy biscuits for Hira, instead they came back with another adorable Labrador pup , ‘Moti’. This pair of Hira-Moti became the life of the Khanna household. 

When Hira passed away, they decided to get a companion for Moti but this time, Rachana put her foot down that she do not want to get a pedigreed dog. And so, through this lovely bunch of animal welfare voluntary workers, they got a 3-month-old ‘Thumki’, who was born to a stray under the bushes in DLF Cyber hub. #SuperSniffersHowever, a few months ago, Thumki got lost as she panicked while being taken to the vet. She pulled her head out of the collar and ran, frightened by the traffic and noise in the market place. By a miracle and the vigilance of someone who had been following the social media posts, Thumki was found after 33 days. Its amazing how she survived that period but is now back home, fine and healthy, as the resident princess. 


You can contribute to their campaign here: https://www.bitgiving.com/MotiThumki


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