When we heard about the Super Sniffers, our entire team was excited with the idea of fundraising for them. We immediately reached out to Soha, and she happily agreed to be a part of this campaign.

WWF-India’s Super Sniffer dogs are highly trained dogs who curb wildlife crime by nabbing poachers (how cool is that?).

This campaign is one of it’s kind. Not only do we have individuals fundraising for the Super Sniffers, but we also have their dogs fundraising with us.

Masti is Kunal’s beagle – she came into his life just a few months before Soha did! She’s known Masti for 8.5 years and they have lived together for almost 4 years.

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Masti is a beautiful, playful and loving dog who has never so much as snapped at anyone. Masti has taught Soha the gift of unconditional love, the value of loyalty and the need to be kind and care for those who cannot look after themselves.

You can contribute to Soha and Masti’s campaign here: https://www.bitgiving.com/SohaAndMasti

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