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Tips n' Tricks

We all have dreams. We all have that one idea in our head that has always wanted to take shape into reality. Crowdfunding is the jumping board that allows you to move a step closer to ticking things off your bucket list, and making dreams happen.

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Team Speak

“Can you join the team and be a part of the madness that is BitGiving?”
Challenge accepted.

Unlike many who write out the pros and cons (just like Rachel), and weigh all their options before taking on a new job, I nose-dived into joining Team BitGiving. An hour-long interaction with Ishita and Ela is all that it took for me to decide that I wanted to be a part of their growing BitGiving family.

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The GuideBook

There are a few really important components of your crowdfunding campaign:

The Narrative
It is what people see when they open your campaign. Naturally whatever you write about that campaign has to be able to capture people’s attention. Never been much of an attention seeker? Don’t worry. Read on.

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