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Facebook tells me that my last post in 2014 was hoping that this year was as amazing as it promised to be. I was excited. 2015 was the year when I had decided to take on the challenge of heading BitGiving.

I think the first time someone called me an entrepreneur was in 2012 — when I was working on my first start up. The first time I understood what it actually meant was in 2015.

I grew up this year. From a starry eyed entrepreneur with a larger than life vision and bucket full of optimism, I ended up becoming much more.

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What is the secret behind having the most kick ass year? Is it 10% of hard work (or more than that?) or just sheer luck that you’re on this planet only to shine like the brightest star, or just a bit of magic dust that makes your wishes its command?

Well, it surely does take more than that. The year 2015 has been absolutely phenomenal for us at BitGiving. Being a part of others’ successes and triumphs is something we thrive on.

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Impact Stories

We’ve all seen the talents like Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar with great enthusiasm and have even supported them at every game. But while we are supporting them we’re all unaware about many other talents like them who are going unnoticed.

BitGiving brings to you a few of those players who are not well known or recognized, and have to struggle to play their games and to survive. But mind you, they are a great catch to represent India at any level. Read on:

  1. INDERJEET SINGH: We’ve all heard of the giant who is a great bet for the gold medal this Rio Olympics next year, or have we? Full of power and passion, Inderjeet is Asia’s best shot putter and has bagged a perfect five gold medals in the five competitions he has participated in this year, including India’s first ever athletics Gold at the World Universiade. He is the first Indian to qualify for the Rio Olympics next year but before that he has to get rid of the money problems he’s facing  However, there is another side of the story, In order to keep up with the cost of training etc, Inderjeet has already had to sell his house and two shops. Makes us wonder, is that really how the next rising star should make ends meet?
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