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Facebook tells me that my last post in 2014 was hoping that this year was as amazing as it promised to be. I was excited. 2015 was the year when I had decided to take on the challenge of heading BitGiving.

I think the first time someone called me an entrepreneur was in 2012 — when I was working on my first start up. The first time I understood what it actually meant was in 2015.

I grew up this year. From a starry eyed entrepreneur with a larger than life vision and bucket full of optimism, I ended up becoming much more.

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What is the secret behind having the most kick ass year? Is it 10% of hard work (or more than that?) or just sheer luck that you’re on this planet only to shine like the brightest star, or just a bit of magic dust that makes your wishes its command?

Well, it surely does take more than that. The year 2015 has been absolutely phenomenal for us at BitGiving. Being a part of others’ successes and triumphs is something we thrive on.

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It all started off as tweets from the Indian Ice Hockey team asking for support to compete internationally. The hashtag #SupportIceHockey gained momentum, and support started pouring in. This then turned into a superb crowd-funding campaign, where over 300 people contributed, and helped the Indian Ice Hockey team compete in the Asian Championship in Kuwait.

A tête-à-tête with the Ice Hockey team reveals their experience as first time crowd-funders, and tips you can keep in mind while building your super awesome campaign.

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