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Facebook tells me that my last post in 2014 was hoping that this year was as amazing as it promised to be. I was excited. 2015 was the year when I had decided to take on the challenge of heading BitGiving.

I think the first time someone called me an entrepreneur was in 2012 — when I was working on my first start up. The first time I understood what it actually meant was in 2015.

I grew up this year. From a starry eyed entrepreneur with a larger than life vision and bucket full of optimism, I ended up becoming much more.

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What is the secret behind having the most kick ass year? Is it 10% of hard work (or more than that?) or just sheer luck that you’re on this planet only to shine like the brightest star, or just a bit of magic dust that makes your wishes its command?

Well, it surely does take more than that. The year 2015 has been absolutely phenomenal for us at BitGiving. Being a part of others’ successes and triumphs is something we thrive on.

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Impact Stories

When Nepal was devastated by a terrible earthquake that measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale, SEEDS India, and several other NGOs decided that they would like to crowdfund their relief efforts. SEEDS India started a campaign with the aim to raise Rs. 10 Lakhs. The campaign started humbly, starting conversations on social media.

Slowly as it grew in magnitude, it garnered the support of several influential sources, including the popular radio station 93.5 Radio FM, that continuously rallied crowds to donate one day’s salary to SEEDS India’s campaign. We also received support from The Quint, with Raghav Bahl, the founder of the company, making a personal appeal.

Subsequently corporations like Snapdeal, ScoopWhoop, Pulsar Knowledge Center, People Matters magazine, Crown-It, DT Cinemas, started employee giving and support events to help aid to the process. In the SEEDS campaign alone, we have been able to raise more than Rs. 50 Lakhs, with  more than 2700 contributors, from 50 cities and most states.

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