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When we founded BitGiving in late 2013, Crowdfunding was a little known term. I remember explaining the concept numerous times and trying to create analogies for the lack of use cases in the Indian context.

While it was tedious, it was exhilarating. We were building an ecosystem which didn’t exist and we knew it was going to be a crazy ride.

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When we launched BitGiving in December 2013 – the vision was simple. We wanted people to be able to raise funds from the crowd, but we never wanted it to be transactional. Instead, we wanted people to connect with our campaigners and engage, share their stories with them and become their community.

Over the last year and a half, I am proud to say that we saw the BitGiving community going a step beyond that.

Whether it was making sure that Kuntal climbed the Everest or Arindam could build a library in his hometown or that the Ice Hockey team made it to Kuwait and Friendicoes was saved from shutting down – every time they shared, contributed or spoke about any of these stories, they became a part of them 🙂

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