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Do you know what’s similar between Deepika Padukone’s women empowering #MyChoice, Dove’s #BeBeautiful or Maggie’s #WeMissYouToo? No, we aren’t talking about the beautiful women, but the magnitude of virality these social media campaigns fetched. They were not only able to drive maximum engagement, but also made their community resonate with their idea.

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It all started off as tweets from the Indian Ice Hockey team asking for support to compete internationally. The hashtag #SupportIceHockey gained momentum, and support started pouring in. This then turned into a superb crowd-funding campaign, where over 300 people contributed, and helped the Indian Ice Hockey team compete in the Asian Championship in Kuwait.

A tête-à-tête with the Ice Hockey team reveals their experience as first time crowd-funders, and tips you can keep in mind while building your super awesome campaign.

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