What does it take to cover a debt of nearly 82 lakhs? The answer is simple – it’s the power of the crowd!

It all began on morning of 13th August, when Friendicoes – a 30 year old organization that was initially started as a kindness club by school students, posted on Facebook about their financial plight. Animal lovers and everyone else who has been associated with Friendicoes over the past three decades came all out to support them in every way possible.

A mere nine days later, a little past midnight of 24th August, the BitGiving campaign, Let’s save Friendicoes from shutting down went live. 30 lakhs in three days was something even we had not expected – the initial target of 20 lakhs (the bare minimum they needed to sustain) has been crossed, and the community pushed for the target to be raised to 40 lakhs, and then to 60 lakhs. This campaign saw the likes of Soha Ali Khan, Vir Das and Sonakshi Sinha tweeting about it, and making sure that Friendicoes did not shut down.

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Post 6th September, an anonymous donor started doubling all contributions that came in till we reach the target and this #DoubleImpact created such a positive stir. This led to many supporters contributing for the second time, just so their contribution can be doubled, and further help Friendicoes.

India saw its first live crowdfunding event held at Zorba, where several bands like Indian Ocean and Think Floyd performed and entertained the guests, which included all our four-legged friends. The second event was held at Q’la, where Sonam Kalra sang to raise funds for #FriendiCause. A mighty 7 lakhs were raised over these two evenings.

The love and support we have seen coming through this campaign over the last 29 days reinforces the fact that power of the crowd is something that cannot be underestimated. Friendicoes is not shutting down, and the dogs like Hug, Natkhat, Blindey, Bonnie, Bambi, Marlin Brando, and so many more, continue to have a happy home.

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