Let’s Unite and Support the Families of Army Battle Casualties

Whenever we notice or experience any threat to our country’s safety – we promptly question and spend endless hours debating on “What is the Army doing?” or more broadly “What is the government doing?”. We question their actions and responses. We ask for proof that they took action. The ongoing debates on the recent Uri Attack and on the Indian Army’s Surgical Strike are examples.

Of course, as citizens of this country we have a Right to a safe environment and to seek answers if the safety of our nation and its inhabitants is in danger. But then, as the citizens of this country, is it also not our Duty to trust, support, and stand in solidarity with those who work tirelessly to protect us and our families during turbulent times? It is.

All the questioning and debating that we see after every attack or threat, conveys that we are aware of our Right, not so much of our Duty. While not all of us are eligible or able to go and actively serve in the Army, all of us can support the families of those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

In the recent Uri Attack, we lost 17 soldiers. The soldiers are not the only casualties of this attack (or for that matter any attack), their families too suffer. There are parents who lost their sons, children who lost their fathers, siblings who lost their brothers, and women who lost their husbands. Some of these soldiers might have also been the main or the only breadwinners of their families. Sadly, there’s nothing that we can do to bring these brave soldiers back. But what we can all do is – contribute to support their families.

This campaign has been started to raise funds for the families of all such soldiers who have lost their lives while guarding ours. The funds raised through the campaign will be donated to the ARMY WELFARE FUND BATTLE CASUALTIES Account, which accepts contributions for the families of battle casualties. We’re a nation of 1.2+ billion people, so even if each one of us makes a small contribution to the fund, together we can raise a significant amount.

The Campaign has been titled as “For The Victims of the Uri Attack” simply for the reason that this incident is fresh in our minds; we are all aware of the loss of lives and shouldn’t need any further motivation to join this cause.

Leaving you with this quote that highlights the tireless spirit with which our Army serves us.

“Quartered in snow, silent to remain. When the bugle calls, they shall rise and march again.” – The scroll of Honour at the Siachen Base Camp.

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